Friday, May 2, 2014

A-Z Challenge "Y and Z"

                                                          Beach Day

Yesterday, was a good day.

Temperatures were in the 90's in Santa Cruz, Ca. I decided it would be a beach day. My son, David gets out of school at 2 o' clock on Wednesdays. I packed his trunks, picked him up and we headed to the water.

After fifteen minutes of driving around Capitola Village to find a parking space, someone finally pulled out and I pulled in. David and I unloaded our towels, beach toys and we were off. I had not felt the sand that hot on my feet in such a long time. I was hoping the water too, would be a bit warmer.

I lay our towels down and shed my excess clothing. The warmth of the sun, people watching and listening to the waves come in and go out is what I was about to do for the next two hours.

Meanwhile, David is busy with his shovel and pail, digging up sand crabs. Or at least trying to. I see his frustration and get up to see if I can lend a hand. You see, I have been digging up sand crabs since I was a little girl and during my older sons' childhood at the beach. This very beach as a matter of fact.

I have a sixth sense for just the right spot to dig.

"David, let me see if I can help you out a bit," I say to him.

"Okay, Mom, but I don't think there are any sand crabs out today," he replied.

"Oh, no...they're here", I replied, as I was walking the shore with shovel and pail in hand. David is following close behind. "Right here. This is where we're gonna' dig." And I dig and dig. Lo and behold, we come across not just a sand crab, but a family who was probably having relatives over for dinner.

Quickly, David runs to the shore, puts a little sea water in his pail along with some sand. We scoop up crabs of obviously all ages. There was one big guy that David named Megalodon, Three medium sized crabs and the youngest little living crab I've ever seen. He was about half the size of the fingernail on David's pinky. He was so young that we was transparent, but he was alive and moving. We put the family in the pail and walked back to our spot on the beach.

My work was done.

On go the sun glasses and I begin to bask, while David plays with his little sand crabs.

But, of course we can't call it a beach day until we go in the water!

"Zippity doo-dah, Zippity a. My, oh my, what a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine coming our way..."

*Capitola Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A-Z Challenge Haiku for X

                                                       The Map

                                               An X marks the spot.

                                            A dream about to unfold.

                                           Miles later, I will be there.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A-Z Challenge "Wonderful walk on the river..."

My husband and I had a day date on Sunday. A lovely portion of it was spent on a river walk. The sun was shining with a slight nip in the soft breeze. We strolled past old beach houses on the river that have been there for years. As we pass by these old cottages, I can't help but wonder what life is like for people living in them. How glorious to wake up, go to your front window and see the morning sun tip-toeing across the river, causing it to sparkle. Flowers and lush bushes are everywhere. A couple of lazy dogs lying about in their favorite spots. Some folks have their canoes or kayaks moored in their small river front yard. One woman was having her coffee outside reading the local newspaper on her quaint and cluttered little patio.

 People living, dogs lying, water moving, flowers bursting and birds a chirping.

Life continues to fascinate me.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A-Z Challenge "Vows"


                                                     A promise was made,

                                               All days ahead we would face,

                                                         Together as one.

*This August, we will be celebrating twenty-seven years together.

A-Z Challenge Haiku


                                                    A Spring Morning 

                                                   Sun makes its debut,

                                                 To be overcome by fog,

                                                   Unfazed is the mist.

*My morning here in Aptos, California. I have noticed when living by the beach, the sun, fog and mist love to play with each other. It is a quiet and cozy morning.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A-Z Challenge "Note to Self"

I think something magical happens when you appreciate yourself. Truly appreciate yourself.
In order to do this, we must first be committed to see the good. The good in ourselves. There is good in everyone, as cliché as it may sound.

You don't need a mirror, but you do need to be able to make an account of all the positive, smart and creative attributes that lie within you. It is from this pile of good that a foundation can be made to build a high self worth and value.

Nobody is perfect. We all have a skeleton or two; maybe a bad habit we would like to break, but we are all a work in progress or at least we can be. And that's all okay.

So give yourself a hug today and appreciate your gifts.

I know that each and every one of you who are reading this blog has a gift.

Claim it and appreciate it!

Monday, April 21, 2014

A-Z Challenge Haiku


                                                Play close attention.
                                         Question all that's around you.
                                                 Reflect and wonder.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A-Z Challenge "No!"

How do you say no?

I'm finally learning how to say no.

It used to be that I would volunteer for everything and find myself up to my eyeballs in stress. Now, I'm not saying that as of today, I am not in service of some kind. I am. The difference is, today, I pick and choose when and where I would like to offer my time. It is more of a thoughtful decision, rather than feeling like I have to put my name on every sign up sheet that comes around.

Now, I calmly reading the service requesting email, think about it, make a decision, reply or click on my little trash can.

Long gone are the days of being the hospitality chairperson for school events and head room parent. I prefer to be a small worker bee when needed.

I'm sure it has something to do with where I'm at in mid-life. I'm more in a mode of giving attention to my health and well being, as well as spending that extra time with my family.

There are different ways to say no. I can now politely say, "No." (as seen in the middle).

Like anything else, it gets easier with practice too.  :-)

A-Z Challenge "Matthew"









Here is my twelve year old son, Matthew. This is a picture I took last weekend on the final day of his basketball tournament. If you'll notice his T-shirt reveals the fact that his team was the tournament champions.
Of the many tournaments we have been to for him, this is the first tournament win. He played hard with a lot of heart. The look on his face when he made a three pointer in the final game is a memory I will treasure forever. I thought he might burst with pride!

Matthew is loving member of our family and I treasure him.

A-Z Challenge Live, Love, Laugh

Call me a dreamer,
But, I truly
Believe in this.

One beautiful
In each
Of these bottles.

of our lives.
of our hearts.

as one.

*I bought these for my daughter and they sit on her dresser amidst these tiny little lights she bought at the mall. I want her to reminded daily to live, to love and to laugh.